NEON BLOODBATH is a record and apparel label based in Los Angeles, CA and Everett, WA. Our mission is to help our artists build sustainable income streams and meaningful long term connections with the audiences that best connect with their work. We employ a collaborative and transparent approach, viewing our role as complementary to the artist’s vision…not the other way around.

Our philosophy is oriented around musicianship as an act of labor. Every artist we work with retains total ownership and control of their masters, brand, and creative output - we simply license their work for fixed scopes, leaving them with the flexibility to head a different direction if that becomes the best option for their particular journey. While every artist takes home the majority share of profits on their releases from day one, our long term goal is to reach a point at which we fund our operations elsewhere and pass 100% of the release profits onto the artist.

There is much more to come, and we sincerely thank you for your support. Stay tuned!


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