dreamTX - "living in memory of something sweet" LP

Ultra Clear

‘Steeped in a mixture of indie rock, shoegaze, emo, & ambient, an intuitive psychedelic guitar-pop album that pulls from its predecessors without mimicking them & iterates upon their sound without replicating it’ - Pitchfork

In our second collaboration with Hit the North records and our first with Memorials of Distinction, we're proud to present this very limited 12" deluxe vinyl version of the debut album from dreamTX, 'living in memory of something sweet'.

dreamTX is a post-post rock project by Nick Das, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Dallas.living in memory of something sweet’ marks his debut album under the alias –– a nod to Terisius Nash, the logic of sleep, grand southern skies –– though Das has quietly been recording and performing across the United States since twenty-sixteen, playing electronics, guitar in shoegaze group Kraus, sometimes co-writing with Maggie Rogers, and making early albums that bear the bent-toothed twang of Modest Mouse, a striving formalism n regard for words, for poetry, a wooly, handmade charm, a Smog-iness.

In twenty-nineteen, he made a break, away from the new frontier of Texas, away from Drag City worship, and towards the spiritual grounds of the first great awakening, to Woodstock. Life became swirls of density: Hudson School hues, sanded brown, pine green, bugs and heat, intensity, exercise, and working himself up mountains. Real freedom, aloneness, and happy, and maybe deranged by the sun in july being without a/c.

Pressed on ultra clear vinyl, limited to 150 copies worldwide. Released physically via Hit the North Records/Neon Bloodbath Records. Shipping now.

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