Halfgrass - "Raw Hackles" Cassette

$12.00 $10.00

Raw Hackles is the debut full length of Southern California indie rock outfit Halfgrass released in 2021 on Neon Bloodbath Records. Self-recorded over 2020 and featuring album artwork by William Schaff, Raw Hackles is the sonic resultant of the band’s reorganization with Pedro Calderon moving to keys and the addition of Noah Castanedo as lead guitarist. Halfgrass leaves existential dread at the feet of the listener in a 9-track rumination on depression, suicidal ideation, and indignant, omnidirectional disgust. With the incorporation of sample-based textures, flooding tandem guitars, and punishing rhythm section, Raw Hackles swallows all negative space to communicate the isolating rigors associated with severe mental illness. 

First ever physical pressing of 100 on "Very light peach" cassette.

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