Pure Hex - "Spilling" Ltd. Edition Cassette

Grungy Red
Gold & Green Sparkle (NBB EXCLUSIVE)

Pure Hex's greatly awaited second LP, "Spilling/Five of Tears", will be released in two halves. Today we're proud to present the first half, "Spilling", on a limited edition cassette release, shipping immediately.

70x Grungy Red
30x Gold/Green Sparkle (NBB EXCLUSIVE)

NOTE - Grungy Red will be available on the site (if copies remain) after Pure Hex's Spring 2024 tour completes.

The band says of the EP, “Spilling is the first half of a double LP we recorded last summer with Corey Coffman in Loveland, Colorado. It’s a joy and a privilege to make music with this group; we write everything together and recording with Corey means a two week excursion to Colorado, fully immersing ourselves in the production and writing process.

The full record, Spilling/Five of Tears alludes to the realities of growth and loss, through the lens of the tarot card ‘Five of Cups.’ This card symbolizes the emotional low point in a cycle of growth, the hole you fall into when you’re looking elsewhere, the rug being pulled out from under your feet, the collapse of thin ice beneath you. It holds the key to discovering something vital and unexpected—the connection within yourself that will outlast everyone and everything you know. Basically, we got esoteric with it, but the message isn’t that complicated: all is not lost, you have yourself.

We’re excited to share the first half of this record with you. It’s the morning of the album, the lighter half, the beginning of the cycle.”

Stream "Spilling" here

Written and performed by Pure Hex.
Produced, engineered, and mastered by Corey Coffman.

***Please note: images are mockups, actual colors may vary slightly due to variances in the manufacturing process.***

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